The film is currently on indefinite hold, as far as I know. 





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The Kreep Show
Be sure to tune in this Sunday night at 10 p.m. PST for a special all Poltergeist episode of the Kreep Show! We will be discussing the original films, weighing in on the reboot and also reviewing the death rattle of the original trilogy, Poltergeist III! Only on
Call in and talk with the hosts! 646 716 4135

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David Lindsay-Abaire, who worked on Disney's Oz: The Great and Powerful for Raimi, is working on the script. Co-producing will be Nathan Kahane, Roy Lee, and Robert Tapert. Raimi will also be heading up the search for a director. Read more:
I can report that in 2009, Scott Derrickson, who directed "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and the remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still," re-wrote the 2008 "Poltergeist" remake script by Juliet Snowden and Stiles White. Derrickson also re-wrote a draft that the then attached director, Vadim Perelman, had done. Mary Parent, in charge of MGM at the time, wanted to green light the script for production but then the studio fell apart financially.
Producer Roy Lee is now in talks with MGM to produce the remake:

No word yet on whether David Lindsay-Abaire is still in talks to write it, as this June article suggested:

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MGM announces that a new "Poltergeist" is still on track! (But is it a remake or a sequel??)

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Looks like MGM could be up for sale very soon due to their major debt problems, with their vast film library auctioned off to the highest bidder. What this means for the "Poltergeist" remake is unknown. The film's release had already been pushed back to 2011. Could the whole project get scrapped altogether? Word has it that Time Warner might be interested in buying the film library. Here's the report:
Today, via Twitter, I asked writer Stiles White whether he knew who was writing the latest draft. He responded:
"Not sure what the current status is. If I hear anything good, I'll Tweet!"
You can follow Stiles on Twitter here:
According to Bloody Disgusting, MGM has pushed back the release date to sometime in 2011. It may have something to do with the studio's recent financial problems, changes to the script, or both. MGM says that production will now begin in 2010, and that they simply couldn't have shot the film in time for the original 2010 release date. For more:
Perhaps this way they'll be able to spend more time on it and come out with a better product (or maybe they decided to just scrap the remake idea and do a sequel instead? HINT HINT, MGM!)
Who will score the remake? Jerry Goldsmith is known for his classic score to the original film. I'm guessing that most likely, James Horner will be the man. He worked on both of Vadim Perelman's previous two films.
If that's the case, I'd say we're in good hands. Maybe he'll even use some of Jerry's previous music, as he did when he scored "Aliens" in 1986 (Jerry had scored "Alien" in 1979).
Since directors often use many of the same crew people on their films, here's a link to Vadim's listing on the IMDB:
You might be able to get an idea of who's working on "Poltergeist" by looking at the names on the credits lists of his first two movies.
Buried at the bottom of this MGM press release, you'll find that the studio confirmed the news that ShockTillYouDrop reported last week:
The new leadership team looks forward to completing MGM's new production slate, which includes the upcoming release of Fame on September 25, as well as The Cabin In The Woods on February 5, 2010; Hot Tub Time Machine on February 26, 2010; Red Dawn on September 24, 2010; The Zookeeper starring Kevin James on October 8, 2010; [IOS]:免费梯子应用,纯美国低延迟推荐。 - 优创博客:2021-6-11 · 前言因为之前某些原因,所伍启明星辰没有再开放。梯子目前需要用到的地方还是很多,不仅仅是可伍去看墙外的世界。今天优哥给小伙伴伊分享一个免费的美区V-P-N。【来自优创小伙伴推荐】应用介绍来自美区的...
Release Date Revealed!
November 24, 2010-Thanksgiving Weekend
But, no casting news yet....
I recently received some information from an insider who read a later draft of the Stiles White/Juliet Snowden "Poltergeist" remake script (a later version than what obtained). According to this person, the script was almost exactly the same story as the original film, with characters described as "sexier." The ending was the same, but with bigger hints of a sequel. It was described as "absolutely" a remake, NOT a "reboot/sequel." It's essentially the same family, just with new names. The main difference between this draft and what LatinoReview obtained was that new "things" were inserted to terrorize the young boy ("Robbie" in the original film, but renamed here). This was to make up for the fact that the Tree and Clown were left out of the first draft. This person was not very impressed with this script, saying that, similar to the "Birds" remake that White and Snowden worked on, there was too much action and not enough substance.  A few good things: the house is still built on top of a burial ground, and the "Beast" is shown more. It was also stated that there were many nods to the original in ways that try to be clever. This person felt that the final result will depend on the director and if he can deliver an intense rollercoaster ride. One important point to remember: Stiles and White are no longer involved with the project, and a new draft has been written by someone else. So, it's likely that the latest draft differs even more from this version.  In fact, as two commentators on the LatinoReview site posted regarding the first draft:
I work at MGM and have read the script. You must have found a spec or something, that's not even close.
As someone working on this movie, I can confirm that you're script review is outdated.
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Today I spoke with someone at MGM who advised me that despite what many people are saying online, the new "Poltergeist" film is going to be something that fans of the series are really going to be impressed with.
I guess maybe everyone should take a wait and see attitude. Who knows, perhaps it will be like how fans initially had reservations about Daniel Craig as the new Bond before that installment was released, or about the new "Star Trek" before it came out, and then changed their minds when those films finally opened to big business and rave reviews. Time will tell....
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Here's the review:

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“Poltergeist,” on the other hand, is a much more specific story -- one family, one house. So, how to “update” that without just recycling it?

“”Poltergeist” was a seminal film for us, you know, in our lives, and it’s like your dad’s classic vintage car that’s been in the garage and you’re not allowed to touch it,” says

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